February 27, 2024

Where To Buy Watches In Singapore And Factors To Consider To Identify The Quality Of A Watch

There have been a lot of changes and modifications over the years. Everything has changed over time. Traveling by foot has given way to vehicles on the road, ships on the water, and airplanes. Even how one tells time has changed. A watch that can even be used to make phone calls has replaced the practice of glancing at the sun to tell the time in the past. People who travel to another country enjoy shopping. The purchases are of luxury or well-known items such as clothing, watches, and souvenirs. Some people have the common question of where to buy watches in Singapore and other places that will provide “quality watches.”

Evolution of watches

The watches have evolved a lot over the years. The first watch was invented in the late 15th century, and pocket watches came into existence at the beginning of the 18th century, which lasted until the 20th century. Then, at the beginning of the 20th century, pocket watches became wristwatches. Today, in the 21st century, with the help of technological advancements, both digital and electric watches are available on the market.

Watch mechanisms have evolved in tandem with advancements in watch design. Initially, the watches only told time, and now it is used for calling, calculating, and listening to music. There are different watches for different purposes: divers need water-proof watches, adventurous people like tough ones, and children like decorated and cartoon watches.

The watches will continue to grow and advance according to the different needs of people, which are never-ending. Therefore, watchmakers will modify their products to fit current and emerging fashions.

Characteristics of a good-quality watch

There are many different types of watches on the market, and they can be of good or bad quality. The features that distinguish a high-quality watch from a low-quality one are as follows:

  • A good-quality watch is made from metal rather than artificial steel. Different brands use metals in their watches to make them of high quality.
  • In the case of watch straps, the materials used and the stitching can define the quality of the watches. A good-quality watch’s stitching is smooth and of similar colors, whereas a low-quality watch’s sewing is rough, and the thread color can vary.
  • Another factor that determines a watch’s quality is how well it works. In the case of dial watches, there would be no ticking sounds, except in the case of quartz watches.
  • The accuracy of the watch also determines its quality. The high-quality timepieces will have an accuracy of +6 to -4 seconds. Brands will submit their watches for chronometer certification (COSC), which involves testing the movement over a 10-day period to meet these requirements.

Bottom line

The demand for high-quality timepieces has increased significantly over time, fuelling the watch industry’s expansion. Watches have evolved as technology has advanced. The points mentioned above can be assessed as the quality of a watch.