May 21, 2024

The Information A Report On Your Coloured Gems Will Provide

When you send your gemstones off to be tested for the first time, you may not be aware of the information it will provide. The report can be used when you are looking to value your gemstones, whether you are looking to sell them or for insurance purposes. If you are considering sending your gems for testing, here is what you can expect to find in your colored gemstone report you will receive.

Confirming The 4 Cs

When you research online about gemstones and gemstone jewellery, you will have heard the term the 4 Cs banded about as you browse. Your gemstone report will contain information on the characteristics of your gems which will also help determine their value. The 4 Cs are as follows:

Cut: Your gemstone report will have information about the style of the gem’s cut, whether it is a princess cut, brilliant cut, or one of the other styles of gemstone cuts.

Colour: The report will also have information about the colour of the gemstone, and it will be graded, giving the gem a value from 0 to 10.

Clarity: The clarity of the gemstone will also be graded and shown on the report, and each type of gem has a separate grading for this aspect.

Carat: The last part of the 4 Cs is the gem’s carat weight, which refers to how big it is.

Additional Information The Gemmological Report Will Contain

The report will also contain more information other than the 4 Cs, and the details it has will depend on which laboratory does the testing. Some of the additional information that the report may contain is as follows:

A Description: The report will usually have a unique reference number and a description of the gem they are testing, and this will include the type of gem that it is.

The Origins: It will also usually state the estimated origin of the gem, which country it came from initially.

Enhancements: It is also common for gem reports to state whether the gem has been enhanced at all. Some gemstone reports will also estimate the most likely enhancement method used on the tested gemstone.

The Dimensions: Most reports will also include the dimensions of the gemstone they are testing.

You can find some laboratories include more information than above, but this is what is usually included in the reports. Once you have your gem report, you will know what you have precisely, and you can also use this to determine the gemstone’s value. You can then use this value for insurance purposes, or if you want to sell it to someone else, you will know its value.

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