May 21, 2024

Six Features You Want to Consider when Buying a New Fridge

If it has been a while since you purchased a fridge, you might want to look into the latest innovations as manufacturers regularly introduce new features to their products. These days, appliance manufacturers create both practical and bold features to offer their refrigerators an edge in the appliance market. With some innovations, consumers now have more choices than ever. You can find many great options when you go to But, before you start shopping, you should know the features that are worth considering. These include the following:

Speed Chilling

When you add hot items to your fridge, the internal temperature will soar, which is bad for foods already in it. To mitigate temperature fluctuations, manufacturers have made quick-chill settings. You might want to look into this feature.

Five-Door Configurations

Four-door refs are now popular. But, you can also find a five-door configuration on the fridge market these days. These refrigerators have two pantry-style French doors for the fresh-food compartment, two pull-out drawers, and a pull-out freezer drawer. Also, they have a unique interior platinum finish. You can pick between conventional stainless steel and fingerprint-resistant black stainless for the exteriors.

Convertible Compartments

The refrigerator market is currently offering some top-freezer and French-door fridges which are now flexi-fridges. Thus, they provide convertible compartments that can be changed from freezer to refrigerator and back again. These refs can make for excellent second fridges in the garage or basement.

Ice Functions

Although a lot of fridge models can produce ice, others have great ice functions. For instance, some units have a quick ice function that accelerates production by up to 50%. This handy feature is quite useful when entertaining or planning a huge family barbecue where you have to prepare lots of chilled drinks. Some refrigerators are made to automatically make ice.

In-Built Entertainment

Some fridges are built with its own television screens. Thus, you don’t have to tie up countertop space with a portable model. The availability of this feature takes cooking along with a program to a new level.

Adjustable Shelves

Tempered glass shelves are the standard in refs; however, it is also vital that they can be adjusted. Tempered glass is expected to be strong, durable, and safe but you can maximise space and make cleaning more manageable by having flexible shelves. Adjustable refrigerator shelves let you tailor your new fridge to your particular needs. Thus, you can have lots of space to keep your chilled items organised.