May 21, 2024

Making Sure Your Space Is Suitable for a Stairlift

One of the most pressing concerns people have before buying a stairlift is having enough room in their home to install one. The good news is that almost every home is suitable for a stairlift. The only drawback is the space you are working with might not work for the stairlift you have in mind. But in those cases, it’s easy to find something suitable that will work for the space that you have.

What If I Have No Walls?

Many people worry that because their staircases don’t have any walls, it isn’t safe or even possible to install a stairlift. The good news is that having no walls is not a problem. No mobility stair lifts in Rugby even require walls to be installed. The reason why is because the lift is fitted to the stairs and not the walls. With this being the case, the lifts can be installed along open staircases or even along the railings.

Another concern people have is the wall by the staircase not being strong enough to support a lift. As we mentioned above, the lift is installed on the stairs themselves, not on the wall. With this being the case, the treads take the weight of the lift.

No Room to Get Around the Lift

People can get stairlifts that are small and easy to manoeuvre. Furthermore, because most of them are equipped with space-saving features, they do not take up a lot of room while not in use. In addition to the seat and arms being foldable, some models will also include a folding rail.