July 17, 2024

Items to include in your anniversary care package to add romance

A wedding anniversary is a beautiful moment in every couple’s life. It is unfortunate to be apart during this day. However, you can showcase your love by sending your loved one a sweet anniversary care package with things that add romance to the evening. You can hire a care package delivery Singapore for this. It will be good if you add the following items to the package.

Rose petals – Since rose has a vital role in romance, you can think of adding rose petals to the package if your loved one likes it.

Framed photo – Pictures containing you as a couple is always special and you can add a framed photo with a romantic design to the package.

Perfume – A luxury perfume with a pleasant odor adds romance.

Chocolates – Your package will not be completely romantic if there are no chocolates. You can add a jumbo pack of sweeter chocolates according to your loved one’s preference.

Candles – You might have heard about the romantic nature of candle-light dinners. Since candles are closely related to romance, you can add this to your care package. There are several romantic candles with personalized designs available to keep in your bedroom.