July 17, 2024

How To Maintain Your Custom Leather Holsters

What are custom leather holsters?

Leather holsters are always in demand and no other material can beat the quality and popularity of these holsters. Custom leather holsters are premium quality holsters that are widely famous due to their designs, quality, and comfort. Nothing rivals the quality and aroma of new, beautiful, natural leather. While alternative materials maintain a regular shape and are simple to maintain, any real gunfighter would tell you that the appearance and feel aren’t quite the same. Custom leather holsters are far comfier and more silent than several synthetic holsters. A high-quality custom leather holster will last a lifetime if properly cared for.

How to draw a gun from a custom leather holster?

Make use of a blocking method to extend your leather holster just enough to achieve a clean draw. Put your handgun in a heavy-duty plastic bag. You may use a Ziploc bag or a carrier bag. Sheets of the wax paper are sometimes used by some people to keep their handguns safe. Wedge the gun into the holster and leave it there for a few hours. Unzip the plastic bag and check the pull while carrying the holster as you might for the intended application.

How to take care of your leather holster?

Custom leather holsters are quite expensive and no one would like to afford a loss. To maintain the shine and texture of the holster it is important to handle it efficiently. You only need to follow some simple instructions and you are good to go with your custom leather holster.

To eliminate dirt and retain the smooth finish, use mild hot water and glycerin soap or Leather Lotions. The custom leather holsters need to be soap-washed every 3 to 4 months. Use Bick 4 Conditioners or Foaming Saddle Soaps lightly to clean your holster. Using a soft cloth, wipe away any perspiration, dust, grime, or blood. A gentle brush can be used to gently scrape away dirt particles or stains.

To reduce sweat, keep a layer of clothes between yourself and the custom leather holster. If its leather has become moist, store the holster in a cool dry environment to ensure proper air drying. Keep your leather holster cool and dry by wrapping it in a light cotton towel or storing it in its original packaging. Minor cosmetic scratches can be removed with a Q-tip dipped in olive oil, baby oils, or saddle oil. To reduce the visibility of larger scratches, use some alcohol and wipe them out in a circular pattern.

If you want your holster to last longer you should not keep it on the dashboard or in direct sun for a longer time. Keep your holster outside the trunk of your car, an outside shed, the attic, or the garage. Do not immerse your leather holster in the water or other liquids as they would spoil the shine and degrade the material. Mink oil or any good quality leather conditioner would soften and deform the molding. Do not use a blow dryer, heater, microwave, or washing machine to dry your holster.