July 17, 2024

How to have fun with your dog in the rain

Most people and their dogs love to have fun during rainy days. Jumping in water and rolling in the dirt are two of the favorite activities dogs love to do on rainy days. For those reasons, dog coats are the first line of defense that will help you keep your dog protected while having fun in the rain. You can make it wear rain coats for dogs during winter to protect it from the snow. You may think the problem is the water, but it’s the temperature. Raincoats for dogs prevent cold water from penetrating your dog’s fur, leading to possible hypothermia, which can be lethal. They also keep some types of insects away from your beloved canine’s body. The important thing is that both you and your dog have as much fun as possible.

Precautions when playing in the rain 

Not all rainy days are perfect for playing. If the wind is strong, it is better not to go out as the dust could get in your dog’s eyes and yours too. If you hear thunder or see lightning, it is better to stay under the safe roof of your home. Everyone knows what could happen if lightning strikes you or your pet. Consider that your dog will probably want to run once its gets outside. If you’re in a dog park, you won’t have anything to worry about, but if you are outdoors your dog could slip and potentially put his life at risk by stumbling and landing in front of a moving car or hitting a sharp object. And lastly, you can get dog collars with lights on Internet to not lose sight of your dog.

What to do before and after playing with your dog 

Never go out to play with your dog if he has just eaten. Remember that his body needs at least one hour to complete digestion. Before going out, plan what you will do: are you going to the park or walking down the street? Once you have decided, let other people know so that someone else knows where to find you in case of an accident. You can buy special shoes for your dog that vets recommend wearing as they help protect your dog’s paws. Once you get home, bathe your dog with warm water and dry him well. Moisture could cause skin problems. After care, it’s time to feed it.