February 27, 2024

Check this guide when planning to buy Gundam model kits

Gundam model kits in Australia excel as one of the most notable anime series ever. One of the most influential and most prominent exports is anime figures, with their detailed animation, many are interested in collecting these kits as their hobby. If you’re planning to begin building Gundams, there are some vital things you need to consider in looking for the best one. With plenty of Gundam model kits available to look from, sometimes people are getting confused as to what certain models to consider as their first build. Once you are determined what particular Gundam kits you want, a vital step in choosing your initial model is to understand the scale system and also the Gunpla grade. There are 5 current Gunpla kit grades you can check in the market. Below are some of the information to understand more about them.

Know more about Gunpla Kit Grades and Scales

High Grade

  • The most popular to collect is the High Grade because of the mobile suits and the line-up of Gundams. Whether it be an antagonist’s or a protagonist’s mobile suit, there is a wide variety and aside from the Super Deformed Kits, High grades are also known as one of the most budget-friendly grades available. You can easily identify that it’s a HG kit since there is an abbreviation for High Grade which is “HG” on the box. Some models are a bit taller like Sazabi and Sinanju while there are 1/144 that are around 13cm tall based on the model.

Master Grade

  • While if you’re into detailed mechanics which display an inner frame skeleton, Master Grade Kits are ideal for you. They are another level from High-Grade kits, it is worth the price though it’s a little bit costly. This kit steps up when it comes to detail which includes mechanics, gimmicks, and also some dry rub decals that will enhance the model. This model is mostly around 18cm tall, they have realistic decals that add to the detail.

Perfect Grade

  • The holy grail of Gunpla model kits are the perfect grade kits, they’re considered the best in gimmicks, mechanics, and detail and are also the biggest available detailed scale. These scale kits are around 30cm tall and also include LED light-up mechanics and decals like MG kits.

Real Grade

  • Real Grade kits are highly recommended for those looking for a perfect grade kit that will not cost much. It is the recent model grade and they’re also unique, the first ever model grade that is 1/144 in scale.

Super Deformed

  • These are short SD kits and they have no scale yet and are around 8cm tall, they’re also the least to assemble and affordable.

Some pointers when cutting your first Gundam piece:

  • To build your model kit, avoid using glue.
  • Avoid mixing Gundam pieces from similar scales and grades.
  • You can make your model kit along with a partner.
  • When you do mistakes, learn from them since it’s part of the process.
  • Remember to have fun while making your Gundam model.