April 15, 2024

Best Ways To Soften Slime

Slime is known to be soft and stretchy- its squishy nature makes it fun to play with. However, for various reasons, your slime may become stiff. When this happens, you can remedy the situation instead of tossing your slime away.

There are several ways to soften your slime; even the cheapest slimes will become softer.

The most effective ways to soften slime include:

●     Lotion

The lotion moisturizes and softens your skin; it does the same to slime. Put two spoonful’s lotion in a bowl and place the slime in the bowl. Move the slime around in the bowl until it’s covered in cream. Then take out the slime and knead until it becomes soft.

In cases where the slime becomes runny, you can add a bit of an activator.

●     Water

You can add lukewarm water to your slime to soften it. To do this, put the slime in a bowl and pour one spoonful of water on the slime. Then knead the slime with the water until it gets softer. However, try not to add more than a spoonful of water so your slime won’t become drippy or runny.

●     Glue

This method is only effective if you use glue to make your slime in the first place. Add one spoonful of glue to the slime and knead it in until it gets softer. If it softens but still needs some loosening up, add one more spoonful of glue. The key is to add one spoonful at a time.

However, the type of glue to add to your slime should be the type you used to make it. For instance, if you use white glue to make your glossy slime, don’t use any other glue to soften it.

●     Gel

You can use an antibacterial gel or hand sanitizer to soften your slime. Simply put slime in a bowl and add two drops of gel. Then knead the gel into the slime until it becomes soft.

Using a gel with a scent you like is essential because the smell will stick with the slime for a while. However, the smell will eventually wear out. That’s why many slime companies that sell scented slime tell customers that the scent is only temporary.

●     Microwave

Pour some warm water into a bowl and place the slime in it. Try to mix the slime in the water with your hands. Take the slime out after one minute and squeeze it. Then, put the slime in a microwave-safe bowl and heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds. Take it out and leave it to cool off for a while. After a few minutes, add a drop of lotion to the slime and mix it in. Your slime would become soft and stretchy.

However, if it is too squishy, you can add a borax activator to the slime.


It’s essential to follow the guidelines as we’ve provided. This helps you to get the desired result without complications. For instance, putting your slime in the microwave for 20 minutes may destroy your slime.